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Internship Program

Lake County Tech Campus Partnership Program

Tech Campus Partnering with Closs Tire & Auto Inc.

Closs Tire & Auto supports the Lake County Tech Campus program. One $10.00 raffle ticket won this beautiful 2011 Chevy Equinox that the Tech Campus students rebuilt

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Mission: To provide: Work-based learning model that any industry can utilize to bridge the skills gap. Combine classroom instruction with on the job, hands on training. 
Requirement: Each employer who participates in the program is asked to donate a minimum of 10 hours to a student in the career path of their choice. Students will be prescreened by their instructor.
Experience:  This program is designed to partner a student with a specific business/industry leader and combine classroom instruction with on-the-job training. One of the best ways a business owner can create its own skilled workforce is through internships. Prescreened students who meet specific criteria will be selected to participate in a two part program; Job Shadow followed by an Internship.  
The commitment starts with a 10 hour minimum but can be extended. Possible grants and paid internship programs may be available. 
  • Businesses partnering with students to explore a future career in the industry of their choice. 
  • Take the student out of the classroom and give them a work-based learning experience.
  • Each student will be matched with a business near the home school location.
  • Expose students to general operations of any industry/business from front office to general operations. This experience is not limited. It is what the employer sees fit to the ability of the student’s background. 
  • Further enhance and reinforce students’ soft skills relating to employability and workplace traits. 
  • Total time commitment:
10 hours of time: 2-4 hours job shadowing, with 6-8 hours job internship.
  • The students will be covered under the schools insurance policy in case of accidents or injury.  They will provide their own transportation to and from the Job Shadow/Internship site.
  • Students will also be required to be job ready. Depending on the job duties, students must wear appropriate clothing. Safety glasses, latex gloves, and face masks may be required. Students should contact the business owner for requirements to be work ready. Business owners can refuse a student entering the shop area without appropriate attire. 
  • Participating businesses will host (1) student at a time to participate in the Internship/Job Shadow Program.
  • The student will need to complete the Job Shadow first, before he or she is allowed to participate in the Internship.
  • Soft Skills are part of the training process. Reinforcing the importance of good work traits expressed in the “Employers Evaluation” is critical to the success of both the student and for the Workplace. Make a habit to review these expectations with the student at the beginning of both the Job Shadow and Internship.  
  • Proper paperwork must be completed prior to the beginning of the Job Shadow/Internship provided by the Tech Campus Instructor. A completed copy of the Internship Permission Form must be submitted prior to the first day of the Job Shadow/Internship.  Additional forms provided include the Student Intern Time Card, Employer Evaluation, and Work Based Daily Log.
Job Shadowing: All internship programs will begin with a job shadowing component.  This allows the employer to go over rules, regulations, daily job responsibilities, and safety measures. If the student satisfies the requirements he/she will move on to the internship (hands on) program. 
Job Shadowing will be a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4 hours.
Job Internship: Students accepted into the program will gain valuable work based learning experience once the Job Shadowing prerequisite has been fulfilled. Skilled trade employers and others in the industry have the opportunity to take a student and give them the skills to be successful in a specific career field. All interns will work closely with a professional staff member of the business and will be supervised while working. 
Job internships will be a minimum of 6-8 hours.  Internship hours can be extended by request of the school instructor and business owner. 
Paid internship/Grant Opportunities: All students who participate in the “Give Me 10 Internship Program” will be eligible for paid internship opportunities and grants. All grants and paid internship opportunities have restrictions along with an application process